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Captain Zivota Boskovic -Founder

1. Our Story

Z.Boskovic Air Charters story begins with the remarkable life and times of a man called Zivota Boskovic .

"Bosky", as he came to be known, learned to fly in his native Yugoslavia in 1936. His life was to undergo a dramatic change with the arrival of the invading German forces in 1941. He managed to escape by air and joined the British forces in Greece.

As an RAF spitfire pilot, he eventually found himself based in Tobruk, flying directly into the battle for control of North Africa. A gifted pilot, he survived over 100 dangerous operational sorties in enemy skies. After the war, he flew to Kenya with the RAF.

In this remote and beautiful land, he found an earthly paradise far from war-torn Europe, but offering endless opportunity to the tenacious adventurer. In 1949 he emigrated to Kenya, and began to work as a pilot, gaining a great knowledge of the country and its flying conditions. 14 years later, he bought a Cessna 182, and started his own charter business.

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Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd in the 70s

2. Our Operations

Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is one of the leading East African private charter company, and is used by all of the regions' established safari companies.

In addition, we handle freight, photographic flights, aerial surveys, and provide aid, emergency and relief flying services. We believe in flying to meet our clients' needs and requirements, and we ensure that we are as flexible and adaptable as possible. Whether it's changing travel plans or special client requests, we will provide service made to order. Throughout East Africa, Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is a byword for the best in the charter business. Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd took to the skies in 1963, and quickly became a popular and highly respected air taxi service.

Combining the best of local knowledge and international standards, we became the air service of choice for the region's growing safari business. In 1991, Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd bought its first Cessna Grand Caravan. With its excellent durability and large capacity, the Caravan has become the backbone of our business. We now have fourteen Grand Caravans in our fleet. The year 2000 saw us take delivery of Kenya's first brand new King Air, making a new and luxurious addition to the fleet. Zivota worked tirelessly to build East Africa's largest charter company, with meticulous attention to detail and standards. When he passed away in 1998 at the age of 84, he left behind a great legacy.

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Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd has a firm commitment to maintaining the finest global standards in air safety and standards of service. Our excellent safety record is unparalleled in East Africa.

We carry out regular scheduled flight checks on all our aircraft. Our fully trained engineers and workshop staff ensure that our planes are maintained to the manufacturers recommendations and guidelines.

Our turbo prop and piston engines are regularly sent to the USA for major overhaul services. All our Pilots receive regular in-service training, and undergo thorough route and base checks. Our planes are fully equipped with world-class safety equipment. We are a registered Member of the Kenya Association of Air Operators.

We have had uninterrupted regulatory approvals for both maintenance and flight operations since inception. We have scheduled and unscheduled annual audits by our local and international partners.

Our attention to safety and service means you can relax, enjoy your safari and rest assured that you are flying with East Africa's best.

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4. Our Safety Policy

Our objective is to have an incident and accident free record. We are committed to the safety of flight operations, maintenance and all ground operations. Safety is the overriding priority of the company to promote and enhance the viability / productivity of Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd

5. Quality Policy

Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is fully committed to being the leading provider of select life-of-field solutions. A primary goal of Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is to achieve the highest standards of quality in both areas of technical and operations without compromise. The objective is to continually improve the company performance, while offering a safe, cost effective and professional service.

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6.Mission Statement

The mission of Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd is to become the preferred air charter company of choice by providing the safest and most reliable air charter services within the East African region and beyond.

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7. Occupational Health and Safety Statement

Our Objective is to have a safe, healthy and clean occupational environment, free from any contamination and any risks to any of the aforementioned factors.

We are committed, as an organization; to the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues, its sustainability and health related facts. These issues generally include air and water pollution, solid waste management, biodiversity, ecosystem management, the protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species. Policies concerning energy or regulation of toxic substances like chemicals, noise and many other types of industrial waste are to be of key concern in the work ethics within Z.Boskovic Air Charters Ltd premises.